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By trade, I’m a real estate agent with a background in home improvement and have an eye for detail. Here’s what makes me a great realtor for you.

For anyone looking for a home:

  • Construction Background – I have built, repaired and renovated houses for a living. I know what to look for and I understand the housing market. Let me guide you away from potential money pits and let me drive you into the home that makes the most sense.
  • My Home is Here – Born and raised in Indiana. I know the Indianapolis area like my own backyard.
  • Here for the Long Haul – I’m not just here for the sale. I’m here to help you past the sale. If you’re new to the area I can give you the best recommendations for lawn care, best school systems, and more. Fact is, I want you to be comfortable and happy with the experience.

For anyone selling their home:

  • Staging and Setup – Some realtors just take pictures of your house. I stage and bring out the beauty in your home.
  • Proven Steps to Sell Your Home Now – As your realtor, I don’t just give you tips to sell your home. I will roll up my sleeves and help you turn your home into a quick, quality sale.
My Guarantee to You – I promise to use my 15 years of combined experience in home improvement, general contracting, and real estate to give you an all-in-one solution to getting the right home.

Communities in Indianapolis

Town of Fishers

Fishers, Indiana

The city of Fishers is a growing suburb poised for even more development in the near future. Downtown Fishers, home to local shops and eateries, will undergo renovations and expand to give families more entertainment options and bring a greater sense of community to this sprawling city. A host of family-friendly attractions draw in visitors and keep residents excited about their town.


Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, the Circle City, is the twelfth largest city in the country and is an ever-growing major metropolitan area. Expansion and revitalization projects have done much to maintain a community atmosphere in Indy’s various neighborhoods while still offering the best in shopping, nightlife, cultural events, and other attractions.


Greenwood, Indiana

Greenwood, Indiana is twelve miles south of downtown Indianapolis, Greenwood combines small town charm with big city excitement. Greenwood residents need only walk out the front door to experience one or drive a short distance to experience the other.


Franklin, Indiana

Franklin, Indiana is one that cherishes its rich history while working toward a progressive future. Twenty miles south of Indianapolis, the city is most widely known for Franklin College but is also features architectural structures, family-friendly amenities, and community events that make it unique.

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