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#19 – Subcontractor Activity

Advice: -Before you make your selections for a specific flooring/tile, you'll need to make a decision on what type of flooring you will be putting in the bathrooms. The plumber will need this information so

#18 – Weatherproof

#“If it is not a mess, it is not progress.” -Robin Sharma Advice: -Make sure your contractor examines all windows and other materials upon delivery. If there are any defects, broken glass, etc., take pictures

#17 – Vertical Wood

“Progress is what happens when impossibility yields to necessity.” -Arnold H. Glasgow Advice: -If you have time to lend a hand for a couple hours here and there, offer to help! The framing crew might

#16 – Support Walls and Flooring System

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” -Hans Selye Advice: -Take your kitchen and bathroom plans to multiple locations to get quotes for countertops. Do this well in advance

#15 – Making the Most of Winter Delays

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” -Jean-Jacques Rousseau Advice: -If you are building during the winter months, factor in an additional 3-4 weeks of construction time due to winter weather delays (Hopefully you

#14 – Basement Floor Pour

“Make measurable progress in reasonable time.” -Jim Rohn Topics of Discussion in this Article: Plumbing Rough-In Water-Proofing Basement Walls Gravel Installation Over Drainage Tile Basement Floor Pour Our story... Now that we are finally able

#13 – Exterior Reservoir Tank

“If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal.” -@gethealthy Advice: -Try to stick to the budget and avoid overages whenever possible; however, spend the extra money on major items when necessary.

#12 – Basement Walls

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” -Author Unknown Advice: -Make sure your contractor goes over all plans for the basement walls with the concrete foreman. This would include the location and

#11 – Footer Time

Footer Time “The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don't always have control over your situation. But you have have a choice about how you view it.” -Chris Pine Advice: -Carefully

#10 – Ground Breaking

Ground Breaking Time “Every now and then a man's mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. Advice: -Be on-site as much