Before You Sell

Presentation! Presentation! Presentation! It’s all in the looks…

There’s a huge debate in today’s real estate market whether to quickly list a property in its current condition or to spend a small amount of extra time and money on the property to make it looks its best.  In my experience, those homeowners who have taken the extra time in combination with a small budget have found it very beneficial in the end.  Anyone wanting to sell their home needs to make the many preparations necessary to make the home look polished, which will result in making it stand out from the competition.  Over 95% of buyers find their next home on the Internet, so it needs to show like a model home in photographs and in virtual tours.  Therefore, even it take a few extra days to put your house on the market, it is worth the wait.

Time to Tour Your Home

To start this process, I will take a tour of your home while noting all of its marketable features.  I will then view the previously sold and currently active comparable homes in your area to help determine market value/list price.  I then provide clients with a Home Improvement Guide and we discuss any minor improvments/changes that will make your home stand out from the crowd and hopefully increase your equity.  Following any improvements, professional photos are taken that emphasize a home’s “clean lines,” marketable features, and large spaces.

Marketing Your Home

Once your home is listed, I will actively market your home.  My marketing platform consists of services that range from showcasing the listing on 500+ websites, developing a unique property webpage that can be shared across social media, open houses, and bi-weekly market reports to let the sellers know how their property is perfoming in relation to other active properties, just to name a few.

The Nate Knows Real Estate Difference

What sets me apart from many other agents is my attention to detail and my home improvement knowledge.  Photographs are not simply taken with the home is its current condition when I arrived.  Items are removed from specific areas, while others are repositioned to accentuate the size of different areas and to make a potential buyer’s eyes focus on the home features, not on items that were left on a bathroom counter.  With my home improvement knowledge, I provide suggestions that increase the profitability of the home.  For example, it could be something as simple as adding knobs/handles to all of the cabinetry in the home, or as complex as adding a wall and a closet in an upstairs bonus room turninging a once three bedroom home into a four bedroom home, potentially allowing it to sell for thousands more.  In many cases, spending a few hundred dollars, can greatly increase your profit/equity.  

“As a working professional, I will not hesitate to say that Nathan has been extraordinary. His demeanor, continuous communication, and knowledge were second-to-none. This man is one of your finest, and I recommend paying attention to that.”
Charlie F. - Franklin, IN
“Nathan Baurley went over and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied in finding our new home. Excellent broker. I would highly recommend Nathan to others searching for a home. Great guy! “
Nick and Melody Gayle - Shelbyville, IN